DENTAMED USA YOUR MEDICAL DENTAL EQUIPMENT CORPORATION does not refund freight charges or any kind of shipping-derived fees or charges. 

To start a return, it cannot be done over the phone, so you will need to send us an email to process it faster and CC the manufacturer, if necessary. Emails are used to prove a return request was initiated, something which cannot be done on the phone. This is part of our policy and we strive to provide the best customer service.

If, for example, you bought a Galaxy stool, many times does the manufacturer require for the box to be in a resalable condition and there will be a 25% approx. restocking fee. It will all depend on the manufacturer and their conditions or restrictions. 

If you give us a call, it will be time consuming whereas if you shoot us an email, we create a customer support ticket and send the manufacturer an email with you query so everything can be done much faster at the touch of a button and there will be evidence on both sides that we have been in communication with each other.

Please, send us any questions you may have to